LolaBin - Sustainable Dispenser


Flour silo and more

For non-free-flowing solids with a large product turnover and long shelf life, the Scoopys are masters of their class: the stainless-steel body alone holds 15 litres. With the various glass tubes, which are also used in the LolaBins, the volume can be expanded as needed up to 36 litres. This is worthwhile for top sellers such as flour or large-volume pasta, because they need to be refilled correspondingly less often and thus tie up less manpower.

For slower-moving products such as bread mixes or detergent powder, correspondingly smaller glass cylinders are used – or none at all (in which case a round glass pane is inserted as a viewing window). The Scoopys are 25 cm wide and 45 cm deep, the stainless-steel body is 15 cm high. They are simply placed on the work surface. The Scoopys are manufactured in Hamburg. 

Price is available on request and is based on the number of units required.