LolaBin - Sustainable Dispenser


A tough affair

Every package free shopkeeper can tell you a thing or two about it: how do I get highly viscous liquids to the customer unpackaged without energy-sapping spillages? Our pump dispensers are an affordable alternative to the electric pump systems on the market. The oat concentrates or body butter is filled into the container via a long spout using a lever that is designed to be easy on the body. The pump dispenser is made almost entirely of stainless steel; only the piston pump contains small parts made of plastic. The stainless-steel bucket holds 10 litres (diameter 26.5 cm); if space is limited, there is also a 5-litre version (diameter 18 cm). The pump dispensers are manufactured in Germany. They cost 165 € net per piece. We offer a template for the router for fitting into the worktop, it costs 15 €.