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Feli Nutgrinder NBM-200: Strong and persistent – the standard machine

In this class, the Feli NBM-200 has the strongest motor on the market with 1.5 hp. It grinds approx. 80 kg of roasted peanuts per hour. Other nuts, dried fruits and even vegetables can be processed into puree and spreads. The production of mustard is also no problem. Roasted nuts can be processed better than raw nuts, shredded ones better than whole ones – but this is not a requirement. The machine can also handle raw and whole nuts. Different degrees of crunch can be set with the help of intermediate rings. As a rule, the puree does not get warmer than 30°C.

The machine is made of stainless steel and weighs about 32 kg. Cleaning is quick and uncomplicated and takes about 15 minutes. Operation is very simple: on and off. If nuts get jammed in the hopper, they can be made to flow again with the enclosed oak rod. 

The Feli NBM-200 costs 4200 € net plus VAT. This includes transport within Germany and a replacement set of stainless steel grinding discs.

As the latest development, Feli offers an automatic feeding unit that makes the nut feed and thus the output much more efficient. The price is 490€ net.

Here are two videos for illustration:

Feli NBM-200
Feli cleaning

Feli Nutgrinder NBM-300: The little sister

The Feli NBM-300 is slightly smaller and lighter than the NBM-200. With 1 hp and a weight of 27 kg, it has an output of about 50 kg of peanut butter per hour. The automatic feeding unit cannot be connected here, otherwise it has the same features as the larger machine.

The Feli NBM-300 costs € 3700 net plus VAT. This includes transport within Germany and a replacement set of stainless steel grinding discs.

Feli Nutgrinder NBM-500: The big sister

For the industrial scale, there is the NBM-500, which is operated with three-phase current (3 x 230V) and has an output of 200 to 250 kg of peanuts per hour (price on request). The connection of an automatic feeding unit is possible.

Q & A

Can the Feli nutbutter grinder process whole nuts?

Yes, most nuts do not need to be chopped. Only the particularly large ones (Brazil nuts etc) should be chopped beforehand. If the nuts do get jammed in the funnel outlet, they can be brought back into the flow with the help of the enclosed oak stick.

Can the Feli nutbutter grinder process raw nuts?

Yes, but roasted nuts run better through the grinding discs and the puree is creamier.

Can the Feli nutbutter grinder process dried fruit?

Yes, sultanas, mulberries, dates and the like can be used on their own or in combination with nuts to make a delicious spread.

Can I make spreads from vegetables with the Feli nutbutter grinder?

Yes, you can make your own vegetable spread with cooked or chopped raw vegetables and spices.

Can I make mustard with the Feli nutbutter grinder?

Yes, mustard is excellent to make if you follow the right order: first mix the mustard seeds with the vinegar and put it through the machine, then stir in the other ingredients.

Is the purchase of a Feli nutbutter grinder linked to the purchase of nuts?


Can I make crunchy nut puree with the Feli nutbutter grinder?

Yes, three different degrees of crunch can be set with the help of intermediate rings.

How does the Automatic Feeding Unit work?

A motor with a long transport screw is placed on top of the hopper and screwed down. The motor is connected to the machine via an electrical plug. The transport screw protrudes deep into the hopper and pushes the bulk material into the continuing screw to the grinding disc. This increases the output. Above all, however, the AFU ensures that the hopper outlet cannot become clogged.

Why is a set of spare grinding discs always supplied with the purchase of a Feli nutbutter grinder?

The grinding discs are the only wearing parts of the machine. Even if they are made of stainless steel, they will eventually become blunt over the years. With the replacement discs, we can ensure operation over a very long period of time.

How can you ensure a two-year warranty when Feli nutbutter grinders are made in Taiwan?

If the machine breaks down within the warranty period through no fault of your own, we will commission a local company around the corner to repair it. Feli pays the bill.

Is the Feli nutbutter grinder made entirely of stainless steel?

All components are made of stainless steel, even the transport screw to the grinding disc. Only the visible black edge protectors are made of plastic (and of course the cable insulation).

Are the individual parts of the Feli nutbutter grinder dishwasher safe?

Yes. All parts can be dismantled in a few easy steps, including the transport auger, and cleaned in the dishwasher (also in gastro machines).

How often does the Feli nutbutter grinder need to be cleaned?

Nut puree keeps for a very long time and so do any leftovers in the machine. Nevertheless, we recommend cleaning once a week, e.g. at the weekend, before the shop goes on Sunday break.

Should the jars be sterilised before I put the nut puree in?

No. Neither the nuts nor the machine are sterile, so the jars don’t have to be either. It is sufficient to use clean and dry jars.