Lola Bin - Sustainable Dispenser

zerowaste – we create a better world without plastic

Food dispensers for liquids and solids. Nutgrinders made of stainless steel. Durable and repairable products. Perfect solutions for unpackaged shops: consistently sustainable and plastic-free.

The manufactory behind the Lola unpackaged shops: The carpentry workshop behind the Lola shops: this is where the LolaBins are built, in an ecological industrial estate in a former factory for bed springs. Our electricity comes from our own photovoltaic system, all parts are made in Germany: the wooden parts in the toy village of Seifen (Erzgebirge), the stainless steel turned parts in Hanover, the stainless steel funnels in Geesthacht on the Elbe, the glass cylinders in Mitterteich in Bavaria, the silicone seals in Herne – and, not to forget, the ball handles in the beautiful Bergisches Land. And in our workshop, everything is lovingly assembled, commissioned and shipped by carrier. Or, if it’s not too far from Hanover, it’s brought over by the boss himself by car-sharing.

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